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Should You Add Coolsculpting To Your Practice?

Woman having Coolsculpting on her stomach

One of the most common aesthetic treatments people request is fat reduction. For clients who haven’t gotten the results they want with diet and exercise changes, a clinical treatment is […]

Laser Hair Removal

Woman having Laser Hair Removal Service on her leg

The laser hair removal market is growing at a remarkable rate. Pair that with the post-lockdown increase in aesthetic treatments and the fact that summer is only weeks away and […]

New aesthetic product trends for 2021

6 hands holding up different bottles and vials for applying, and containing skin care creams and liquids

Helping your patients step up their skincare game with new products for 2021 is both an exciting venture and an overwhelming undertaking. There are many new products out there and […]

COVID19 mask irritations and what to do

Woman with dark curly hair and Covid face mask on with sun and building blurred in background

Now that the weather has turned chilly, masks might feel less irritating or even desirable when the wind picks up. However, many people are still dealing with COVID19 mask skin […]

Skin Care While Traveling

Woman in dress with carry on luggage sitting by window and waiting in airport terminal

When traveling, we usually think about the destination’s climate, what we’ll be doing, and who we’ll be going with. There is a bit more to it, though, and some of […]

Smooth Mid-Winter Skin

Young woman outside wearing hat, scarf and winter coat touching her face and frowning

Hand sanitizers have surged in popularity since the onset of COVID19 and there are plenty of recommendations for which ones to buy. For one, those that contain at least 60% […]

How Air Pollution Affects your Skin

Smoke stack spewing smoke and pollution into a clear blue sky

A skincare regimen is probably one of the strongest habits we each have. It includes makeup removal, cleansers, moisturizers, and any number of products we choose for a specific purpose. […]