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The rise in popularity of lip injections

Young woman with dark curly hair looking up and making kiss mouth

The demand for aesthetic beauty treatments in general has increased dramatically in recent years, leading to increases in the number of clinics offering them and investors who want to support […]

Introduction to Radiofrequency Microneedling

Woman getting Radiofrequency Microneedling by nurse

This treatment has continued to gain interest from patients everywhere. For anyone who’s new to it or wants a refresher, this FAQ-style post is for you. What is radiofrequency microneedling? […]

Microneedling – A TikTok Trend Gone Too Far

young woman using Microneedling on her face

We recently discussed TikTok and its effect on the aesthetic industry. While it has it’s benefits and good intentions, it can also be detrimental by promoting harmful techniques or trends. […]

Should You Add Coolsculpting To Your Practice?

Woman having Coolsculpting on her stomach

One of the most common aesthetic treatments people request is fat reduction. For clients who haven’t gotten the results they want with diet and exercise changes, a clinical treatment is […]

Laser Hair Removal

Woman having Laser Hair Removal Service on her leg

The laser hair removal market is growing at a remarkable rate. Pair that with the post-lockdown increase in aesthetic treatments and the fact that summer is only weeks away and […]

The Summer to Splurge

Young woman in medical office getting injection in face by nurse

The pandemic has meant foregoing many things, including professional skin care treatments outside of the home. There have no doubt been many experiments in kitchen sinks that haven’t lived up […]